Group Exhibition at Youn Gallery

I'm excited to have 2 new pieces in a group exhibition opening next week at Youn Gallery.  The pieces in the show are titled "A Physical Representation of Relief 1 & 2".

The works are part of the ongoing series of creating physical representations of things that normally possess no physicality.  This abstract series of works poses the question, "how would/could we interact with, understand, and relate to difficult to describe human feelings if they held their own physical mass, separate and independent from the person experiencing them".    

The pieces are produced from whitewashed driftwood, balsa wood, and hand dyed beach towel on a white wooden panel.  Each measure 18"x16"

The gallery is located at 5226 Saint Laurent Boulevard and the show is viewable from November 25th - December 15th

For purchasing inquiries please contact Youn Gallery at