"ABODE" exhibition at Gallery 115

I'll have a new sculptural work entitled "A Physical Representation of Relief" at Gallery 115 as part of their "ABODE" exhibition.  

ABODE is a contemporary art exhibition which explores the concept and feeling of home as tied to specificities of space and place. Works by the six participating visual artists span a variety of mediums: photographic documentation of site-specific installation, drawing on found images, documentary and staged photography, and sculpture. Collectively, ABODE considers “home” as something which is lost and found, dismantled and reconstructed - literally and figuratively.

Engaging with themes of presence and absence, familiarity and estrangement, these works suggest that identification with particular geographic and temporal anchors can potentially be complicated by factors of memory and perception, relocation and displacement. Where is “home” is located - and if defined, are its boundaries stable or permeable?

Presented by AHSA/AÉHA, the Art History Students' Association of the University of Ottawa. Curated by Beatrice Au, Talia Golland and Phoebe Sampey".

The show runs from March 20th-31st at 100 Laurier Ave.