Art advisor and design guru Liz Lidgett opened a new gallery space in Des Moines, Iowa this past May. I’m honoured to be amongst the impressive list of represented artists.


The gallery is located at 111 E Grand Ave, Suite 110, Des Moines. Thank you to Liz and Tina for all of the work you have done to bring this gallery to life.

Learn more about the gallery and the represented artists at



I had the opportunity to create an artwork to be included in the fully renovated Drake Underground space, located on the lower level of The Drake Hotel in Toronto.

The Drake Hotel was celebrating 15 years and brought together some amazing people for the Drake Underground relaunch.

Drake Underground, hailed as one of the best bars + music venues in Toronto is our multifaceted performance venue with a reputation for hosting a fun party... or three. The Underground never sleeps, hosting live bands, DJ dance parties, film screenings, comedy shows and poetry slams, packing the room every night of the week. 

At the forefront of music discovery, Drake Underground aims to connect diverse audiences to new trends in the music industry and Toronto's vibrant culture as a whole. From breaking acts in the Drake Underground to our curated playlists The Drake is a place for music fans of all kinds. Drake Music represents every genre and everyone creating the best environment to discover the Next Big Thing.

Installation of artwork for Drake Underground.

Installation of artwork for Drake Underground.

7. Drake Hotel.jpg

Thank you to The Drake Hotel and to everyone who made this project possible!!!

"Echoes" in NEW ORLEANS

“Echoes” is an exhibition at The Front Gallery. The Front is an artist run exhibition space located in the St. Claude arts district in New Orleans. The show was curated by Claire Rau and features the work of myself, Leah Dyjak, Jacqueline Dee Parker and, Lee Emma Running. Huge thank you to Claire and The Front for putting on the exhibition and for including my work. The show runs from January 12 - February 3rd, 2019.



This past week was spent putting the finishing touches on, and installing a new sculptural artwork at Ontario Place in Toronto, for their annual “Winter Lights Exhibition”.


The sculptural artwork consists of eight rectangular prism towers covered in light sensitive iridescent foil. The layout of the towers invites visitors to explore and engage with the work from afar, as they walk past, or up close as they can enter into the center of the arrangement to experience the sculpture at 360 degrees. The iridescent material reacts to both natural and artificial light. Dependent upon on how much, and from which angle the light touches the towers, spectrums of colour dance across the many surfaces of the sculpture as the viewer or light moves past. The artwork is constantly changing with the movement of light, as well as with each step the viewer takes, making the artwork totally unique from all vantage points and at all times of day and night. “Iridescent Towers” disrupts the natural white/grey winter landscape with vibrant dancing colours created by light and movement, and is representative of possibility and progress.

A long list of thank yous to many amazing people who helped to bring this project together is very necessary as I would not have been able to do this alone!

Thank you to my wife for putting up with the huge mess I made while making this, to Beyond the Pale Brewery for setting me up with a space surrounded by mountains of beer to finish the sculptures (side note - the beer at BTP and the people who make it are both absolutely amazing. To anyone who has not been here, I urge you to go, and to those who have been, you already know), also thank you to the staff at KJP Select Hardwoods who were extremely knowledgable and generous, sharing many tips and tricks around the use of Ecopoxy, which the sculptures are finished in, to Ontario Place for selecting my artwork to be amongst the exhibition, and to my supportive family, especially my dad for helping me with this from start to finish.

All of the artworks featured in the Winter Lights Exhibition are viewable from November 17th - March 23rd.

Below are a handful of additional process and install photos.



I have been going to shows at Wallspace Gallery for years, admiring the space and many of the artists the gallery represents. To be among that group of artists is a bit of a dream come true for me. 

If you are in the neighbourhood, please stop by Wallspace Gallery, located at 358 Richmond Road to see the beautiful gallery space, a handful of new works I created for the show, along with a surreal installation by Ottawa artist Nathalie Grice, and works by many other amazing artists. 

The current show is viewable until August 31st. 



My first ever solo show opened this past Friday, July 6th at Seven Below Gallery in Ottawa, Ontario.  Thank you to the Ontario Arts Council for the generous exhibition assistance grant that helped bring this show to life, to Seven Below Gallery for having me in your space, and to everyone that came out to see the artworks. 



Had the very best time exploring Prince Edward County and installing a large sculptural artwork at the one and only Drake Devonshire last weekend.

I am honoured to have been given the opportunity to install a piece just steps away from murals and installations by artists such as FAILETrevor Wheatley, and dozens of others - this place is the real deal.  It is located right on the beach in Wellington Ontario, has a beautiful collection of artworks curated by Mia Nielsen, an amazing restaurant and bar onsite, and some of the nicest hotel rooms in the country - all surrounded by dozens of wineries and craft breweries. I would highly encourage anyone and everyone to pay a visit and take in everything the Drake has to offer - it's a lot!

The sculptural work consisted of a white rectangular prism installed encompassing an old tree stump located just outside of the front entrance of the Drake.  1000ft of horizontally strung wire encloses the the tree within the prism, while the areas of the tree protruding above and outside of the prism are wrapped in 1000ft of gold rope.  The piece is meant to explore and represent personal and societal progress, possibility, and empowerment.  

Thank you to Mia Nielsen, James Fisher, and the Drake for having me, as well as a very special thank you to my wife who stayed out in the cold with me all day and into the evening to get this thing together.  

Catch my installation at the Drake Devonshire until late spring 2018.  



Honoured to be a part of the inaugural art show at Seven Below Gallery here in Ottawa - a new space by Steven Frew located at 1150 Bank Street.  Join us at the opening this Saturday October 21st from 6:00-9:00pm to see what is sure to become a staple in the Ottawa arts scene.


GLOWFAIR Sculptural Light Installation

It was great to be a part of this years GLOWFAIR FESTIVAL and to see so many people out enjoying music and art.  I installed a temporary sculptural work for the duration of the festival which ended up becoming somewhat of an interactive installation when people began lining up to get inside of the piece to get photos and selfies.

Thank you to everyone at GLOWFAIR for including me in the event, and for a great weekend.  

Timeraiser Toronto @ The Power plant Contemporary Art Gallery

"Timeraiser150 is a Canada 150 Signature Project supporting emerging Canadian artists and nonprofit organizations.  10 Timeraiser150 parties in 10 provinces allow Canadians to bid on original art by investing volunteer time, not dollars, to causes they care about.  Each Timeraiser150 pulls out all the stops to throw a great party - from live performances to delicious local food and drink. Timeraiser is truly a celebration of creativity and community!"

I am grateful to be a small part of the Toronto Timeraiser event & to have an artwork available at the auction coming up on May 24th, 2017 @ The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery.  

For more information about the event click here. 

For tickets to attend the event click here.

"Arts Alive" Public Sculpture Program

I'm happy to have this new sculptural work heading out to Victoria, BC for the "Arts Alive" Public Sculpture Program.  It is approximately 78"x30"x25" and produced from wood, paint, rope, and copper.  

ArtsAlive is Oak Bay Parks, Recreation and Culture’s annual public sculpture program where pieces are selected to be shown outdoors for one year. Thirteen new installations have been selected by the Public Art Committee for 2017.  

"ABODE" exhibition at Gallery 115

I'll have a new sculptural work entitled "A Physical Representation of Relief" at Gallery 115 as part of their "ABODE" exhibition.  

ABODE is a contemporary art exhibition which explores the concept and feeling of home as tied to specificities of space and place. Works by the six participating visual artists span a variety of mediums: photographic documentation of site-specific installation, drawing on found images, documentary and staged photography, and sculpture. Collectively, ABODE considers “home” as something which is lost and found, dismantled and reconstructed - literally and figuratively.

Engaging with themes of presence and absence, familiarity and estrangement, these works suggest that identification with particular geographic and temporal anchors can potentially be complicated by factors of memory and perception, relocation and displacement. Where is “home” is located - and if defined, are its boundaries stable or permeable?

Presented by AHSA/AÉHA, the Art History Students' Association of the University of Ottawa. Curated by Beatrice Au, Talia Golland and Phoebe Sampey".

The show runs from March 20th-31st at 100 Laurier Ave.

Honest Eds Farewell Celebration

The iconic Toronto department store Honest Eds has closed its doors, but will reopen this weekend for a farewell celebration packed full of artworks, installations, performances and good times thanks to TO4everyone.

A big shout out and thanks to Timeraiser for including one of my pieces in the event.

Check out TO4everyone to get all the info on the weekends events.

February 24-26.

Carleton University Art Gallery

One of my new sculptural works entitled "A Physical Representation of Agitation" will be part of the current group exhibition at the Carleton University Art Gallery.  The show runs from January 13th-January 22nd.  Another must see in the exhibition is Kristina Corres collage pieces!  Swing in and have a look.  Art Gallery is located at 1125 Colonel By Drive in the St. Patricks building.

Group Exhibition at Youn Gallery

I'm excited to have 2 new pieces in a group exhibition opening next week at Youn Gallery.  The pieces in the show are titled "A Physical Representation of Relief 1 & 2".

The works are part of the ongoing series of creating physical representations of things that normally possess no physicality.  This abstract series of works poses the question, "how would/could we interact with, understand, and relate to difficult to describe human feelings if they held their own physical mass, separate and independent from the person experiencing them".    

The pieces are produced from whitewashed driftwood, balsa wood, and hand dyed beach towel on a white wooden panel.  Each measure 18"x16"

The gallery is located at 5226 Saint Laurent Boulevard and the show is viewable from November 25th - December 15th

For purchasing inquiries please contact Youn Gallery at

Elemental Arts Festival Recap

The Elemental Arts Festival was held on Manitoulin Island in the small village of Kagawong.  A magical little place with a very strong and passionate artistic community.

This weekend was full of inspiring music, art, good food and good people.

A huge thank you to 4elements for having me.

Here are a few photos from the outdoor install.